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giving back

I believe that the best way to nurture your soul is to pay it forward – and science backs that up.

the science of


In 2018, researchers at the Greater Good Science Centre at UC Berkeley published a powerful paper chock full of hard evidence to support the plethora of wellness benefits which come from “giving good things to others freely and abundantly“.

This study showed that more generous people had better health outcomes – regardless of the social support they received in return (let this one really sink in).

Hold up –
health outcomes?

As in being generous can literally create positive change to your physiology? Yeah, big time.

it pays to be kind

Less Burnout
Delayed Mortality
Improved Self-Esteem
Longer-Lasting Relationships
Better Sleep Quality
Greater Vitality

While popular culture may imply that happiness comes from focusing on yourself, research suggests the opposite:

being generous can make you happier

here’s what I’m getting at

giving back is imporant

That’s why a percentage of each project completed with Soulgood gets donated to charities and organizations making a positive and honest impact worldwide.

My minimum donation is 5% of your project cost. If you want to personally increase that donation, or you would prefer to donate to a specific cause, just let me know. It would be a most welcome conversation.

like what you see?

let’s create something

I love working with like-minded individuals who are passionate about wellness, hospitality, and the arts.


Sound like you? Come on in, the water’s warm.


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